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109 Free Serum Presets For Any Genre

Since Serum’s launch, a crazy amount of music makers have shown it a huge amount of love and support. We can safely say that it has become one of the leading synths among music creators. But this does not mean it’s perfect. The bad part? It doesn’t come with a lot of stock presets. There is enough to kinda get started but that’s where this resource helps you.

In this post, I compile the best free presets for Serum for ALL MAJOR genres of electronic music + a bonus section for PAID Serum presets.

Future Bass Serum Presets

Future bass is relatively new and directly comes under the EDM genre and it offers warm bounces instead of harsh beat drops. Harsh and detuned synths make the future bass basslines. People often confuse it with trap music but there are significant differences between both. With these presets, it’s your time to shine and unlock new levels of creativity.

  1. Flavors Future Bass Lite
  2. Free Future Bass Mega Pack by WA Production
  3. Free Marshmallow Future Bass Preset
  4. Future Bass Presets and Samples by SoundShock
  5. Future Bass Toolkit by Sticky Sounds
  6. Artist Series Marshmello by Higher Dimension Sounds
  7. 20 FREE Future Bass Serum Presets inspired by San Holo, Flume & Marshmello
  8. Free Future Bass Mega Pack by WA Production
  9. Future Vibes Vol. 1 by Bantana (15 presets)
  10. Future Vibes Vol. 2 by Bantana (50 presets)
  11. Cymatics Serum Essentials (50 presets, multi-genre)
  12. Free Future Bass Mega Pack by WA Production (60 presets + samples)

Trap Serum Presets

Originating from the ghettos and making its way throughout the world, this genre is definitely special. Trap music offers a hardcore music experience with its snare drums and doubles- or triple-timed hi-hats which is its signature sound. These presets have everything you need to take your Trap project to the next level.

  1. Vandalism’s Hybrid Trap Presets for Serum
  2. Killsam Hybrid Trap Serum Pack (35 Presets)
  3. Pump Your Sound Trap & Brostep Presets for Serum
  4. Free Presets and Samples by Zenith
  5. Free Presets and Loops by Deflo

Dubstep Serum Presets

If you are looking for the sexiest bass and beats for lighting up your parties, these presets can be a lifesaver for you. The presets below have rich off-beat and sub-bass frequencies that will give you an authentic dubstep experience. Below is the list of best free dubstep presets for Serum that is available on the web.

  1. FREE Neurofunk presets for Xfer Serum by 20Hz Sound (11 presets)
  2. Artificial Serum Presets by Bias Notion (13 presets)
  3. Serum Presets Mega Pack
  4. ST4RBUCK Dubstep Presets 1
  5. ST4RBUCK Dubstep Presets 2
  6. Cymatics Dubstep Formant Basses for Xfer Serum
  7. 50+ Dubstep Presets and Wavetables by Dack Janiels
  8. Serum Dubstep Preset Pack
  9. Dubstep Preset Pack for Serum
  10. 84 FREE Serum Presets For Dubstep, Bass House & Trap by W. A. Production
  11. Free Dubstep Preset Pack for Serum by Neostra
  12. Free Riddim Preset Pack for Serum by Brastc
  13. 180 Free Riddim Serum Presets & Bass Loops by WA Production
  14. Huge Melodic Dubstep Serum Presets by CYCLOPSST4RBUCK Dubstep Presets by ST4RBUCK (4 presets)

House Serum Presets

With the origins from the 1980s, we can say house music has matured as compared to other electronic music types. The unique four-on-the-floor beat makes it unique and addictive. The tempo lies around 120-130 BPM. So, if you are looking to trigger the dopamine reward system of your audience, these presets are the perfect fit for you.

  1. Catalyst Free Presets Vol. 1 by Gravitas Create (120 presets)
  2. Catalyst Free Presets Vol. 2 by Gravitas Create (164 presets)
  4. Progressive House Presets for Serum
  5. Future House
  6. Viper Presets for Xfer Tech House & Techno
  7. 49 Patches for Future House by BVKER
  8. 15 Serum Presets Pack by Fiko
  9. Free Serum Deep House Preset Pack by EDM Templates
  10. Free Bass House X G House Serum Presets by EDM Templates
  11. 18 Free House Style Presets by HAWK SERUM
  12. Free Selected Style Serum Preset Pack by Code Blox
  13. Deep House Preset Pack – “DEEP” by Tonal
  14. Free Future House Presets for Xfer Serum by
  15. FREE Serum Future House by WA Production (36 presets)
  16. Free Serum Presets for Tech House & Techno by Viper (17 presets + wavetables)
  17. Cosmic Techno Sample Pack by Diode Eins
  18. Techno Tutorial + Free Presets by Production Music Live

Lofi Serum Presets

Lofi music is all about chilling and having your own time. The tempo is slow and the overall feel of the music is relaxed. Lofi music’s popularity is increasing big time due to its easy listening factor. These presets contain glitchy sounds, dreamy synths, and basses. To get more out of these Lofi serum presets, apply these professional LO-FI effects.

  1. Chill Serum Presets
  2. Serum Lofi Presets, Vol. 3 
  3. Vaporwave Keys and Pads Serum Prests
  4. Melancholic LoFi Serum Presets, Noises & Tables
  5. Strange Things V.2 by Echo Sound Works
  6. 48 Free Patches by HAWK SERUM
  7. 16 Mellow Lo-fi Presets by HAWK SERUM
  8. Free Serum Presets by AngelicVibes (50 presets)
  9. Free Serum Presets Pack by Rabbit Lair (64 presets)
  10. Free Mellotron Presets for Serum by (17 presets + wavetables)

Trance and Progressive Serum Presets

Trance music has been in the scene since the 1990s and till now, it dominates the market due to its repeating melodic phrases. Trance music presets are rare to find and limited in number so enjoy these presets.

  1. Sunrise Trance – 101
  2. Mothership Loudspeakerz – Serum Bank #1 (FREE DL)
  3. Progressive House Presets for Serum by Pumpyoursound

Hip Hop Serum Presets

HipHop is easily the most popular genre in the world right now. The presets below offer you the perfect tempo along with dope leads, fat 808, crunchy basslines and everything you need to create your hip-hop track.

  1. Free Hip Hop Serum Presets by BVKER
  2. Free 808 Bass Presets & Wavetables For Xfer Serum
  3. 60 Free Trap Serum Presets by DixonBeats
  4. Free Serum Bank “L3GND” by The Producer’s Plug
  5. Hip-Hop Makers Serum Presets

Mixed Genres

Some of the presets did not fit a specific category but they can be used with different genres. You can download them and experiment away.

  1. EDM Essentials for Serum by EDMProd
  2. r/SerumPresets on Reddit
  3. Rocket Powered Sound Resources
  4. Xfer Serum Starter Pack by Cymatics
  5. 1340 Wavetables on Reddit

BONUS: Premium Paid Serum Presets

If you are willing to spend some cash, then below is the list of the premium packs. These packs offer a more unique experience and quality which is worth paying for. Also, the number of sounds is much larger in the premium packs and they get constantly updated as well. Be sure to check them out.

  1. Goldenchild Audio – Retro Synthwave for Serum (135 Presets)
  2. 120 Trap Presets for Xfer Serum + Bonus Content
  3. 700+ Serum 808 Presets, Samples, Loops & MIDIs
  4. My Synth / Retro Wave Samples (download comes with 80 Serum presets)
  5. Future Bass for Xfer Serum by Cymatics (90 presets + samples)
  6. Ultimate Future Bass by Oversampled (74 presets)
  7. Shocking Future Bass for Serum by Vandalism (64 presets)
  8. Serum Future Bass Essentials by Sonic Academy (62 presets)
  9. Future Bass Serum Presets by Surge Sounds (370 presets + more)
  10. Nightmares Vol 2 Hybrid Trap Serum Pack by Cymatics (75 presets + wavetables + project files)
  11. Virtual Riot: Serum Presets by Prime Loops (64 presets)
  12. Vicious Dubstep Serum Presets XL by Production Master (300 presets)
  13. Trap for Serum by Zenhiser (150 presets + samples)
  14. Silhouette Serum Trap Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + samples + wavetables + MIDI)
  15. Unwind Serum Chord Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + wavetables + MIDI)
  16. Shocking Bass House for Serum by Vandalism (64 presets)
  17. Future House for Xfer Serum by Cymatics (85 presets + project files)
  18. 100 Deep House Presets for Xfer Serum by Surge Sounds (100 presets)
  19. TechHouse SERUM Presets 01 by Delectable (64 presets)
  20. Icicle – Drum & Bass Serum Presets by Loopmasters (64 presets)
  21. TC Serum Modern DNB Presets by TC (34 presets)
  22. Outer Space Jump Up DNB by Soundvolt (40 presets)
  23. Neurofunk Serum Bass Vol 3 by Eksit Sounds (43 presets)
  24. Fourward DNB – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (80 presets)
  25. Synthwave – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (81 presets)
  26. Chillwave for Serum by GOGOi (60 presets)
  27. Vibes for Xfer Serum by Cymatics (90 presets)
  28. Indie Dance & Electronica – Serum Presets by Loopmasters
  29. Hologram Serum Chill Electronic Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + samples + MIDI
  30. Serum Trance Essentials Vol. 1 by Freshly Squeezed Samples (256 samples)
  31. Epic And Uplifting Trance For Xfer Serum by Trance Euphoria (128 presets)
  32. TITAN-2 Xfer Serum Presets by CFA Sound (90 presets)
  33. Splice Sounds
  34. Elements for Xfer Serum Bundle by Cymatics
  35. Serum Essentials by Essential Sounds
  36. Dark Cinematic – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (118 presets)
  37. Ionise Serum SFX Presets by ModeAudio (60 presets)

Getting the most out of Serum (resources)

Now that you have access to some great sounds, how can you take them further by understanding how to tweak them to sound professional? After all, presets are only one side of the production equation. Here’s some tutorials from us to get you started:

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