Retro Synthwave for Serum

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Inspired by the signature sound of artists like AP Dhillon comes ‘Retro Synthwave’ – an essential collection of  lofi (chillwave), retrowave and synthwave presets handcrafted to perfection! This pack will give your tracks the edge and take you to the next level in your productions using the Serum VST.

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‘Retro Synthwave Vol 1’ by Goldenchild Audio features an incredible collection of 135 Synthwave, Chillwave, Retrowave presets for Serum inspired by artists and producers such as Ap Dhillon, Intense Music (Diljit Dosanjh’s producer) and many more. Built around custom wavetables and noise samples, these presets are useable right out of the box without the need for any further processing. ‘Retro Synthwave for Serum’ is the ultimate preset bank for all your LOFI, Trap, Hip-Hop and R&B needs.

What you get

Synth, Bass, Pad, Lead, Bell, Pluck, FX, Keys, and Guitar

Advanced Sound Design

Each preset comes with professional level macro controls providing a lot more creative options for you to explore and shape sounds aside from the original settings on each sound. You can use the presets right away without having the need to tweak anything – high level design that sounds amazing right out of the box.

Product Details

  • Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
  • All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
  • All presets assigned all four macro controls for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations
  • Preset format(s): .fxp

Presets Require Full Retail Version of Xfer Record’s Serum 1.345 or later

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