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Goldenchild Audio Pledges Financial Relief Towards India’s Covid-19 Crisis

Goldenchild Audio is pledging its support to help families affected by the novel COVID-19 pandemic in India. The leading Indian sample pack creators announced $1 = Per Pack initiative. For every pack sold, $1 will be donated to GlobalLiving’s India Covid Relief Fund.

Additionally, Goldenchild Audio is asking existing customers to join in by providing 25% off purchases in the month of May. Use code: help25. For those interested in making a donation directly can visit

“In addition to the health challenges that this pandemic brings, there are also many challenges facing Indian families, especially hardships faced by frontline workers and supply shortages. We believe it requires a combination of love and strength to overcome these challenges,” said Mandeep, President and Designer – Goldenchild Audio. “To demonstrate our commitment to this belief, we will continue this pledge well passed the month of May 2021.

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