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Dhol Pack Buyers Guide [Only 3 You Ever Need]

The Punjabi dhol is one of the most basic, yet manditory sound you need to get right in your Bhangra production. Your track won’t bump and bounce if you don’t get the right Dhol samples.

And while it seems like a pretty simple sound—a low thud with a bit of mids and beautiful highs, every Dhol has its own sound, especially with respect to how the treble and bass fits in the rest of the music.

That’s why producers will say it’s not hard to slip hours and hours into finding the perfect dhol —it takes time to find the exact sound that makes everything else in the track jump.

Of course, there’s a ton of EQ techniques that can be used to enhance the sound of any dhol—things like compression, saturation and EQ.

But, starting with a great Dhol sample is always your best bet for getting the perfect Bhangra sound.

To help you find the perfect sample fast, here’s our picks for the 3 best dhol packs you will ever need made by Goldenchild Audio.


How is Dhol made?

In this buying guide, we will reference “traditional” and “modern” when describing the packs. To help understand this simple concept, let’s learn briefly how dhol is made and the two popular types commonly made and used.

The Dhol is a traditional North Indian instrument made from a large wooden shell. Each side of the Dhol has Goat Skins covering the open ends, one for the bass and one for the treble. The skins are laced together with one piece of cotton rope threaded through the edges of both skins. This is the more authentic, traditional way.

Types of Dhol

1. Traditional Dhol

Made from various types of wood. Each side of the traditionally made dhol contains animal skin, usually Goat. One for the bass (left hand) and one for the treble (right hand).

2. Modern Dhol

The Modern day trend with Dhol is to use a synthetic (sometimes, plastic) drum skin on the treble end, tensioned by metal nut adjusted hooks. The bass side is still made from premium animal skin.

What is the Sound Difference? Modern vs Traditional

Modern made Dhol produces a completely different sound than a traditionally made Dhol. Deciding which to use for your project will 100% change the vibe of your project.

Traditional Dhol made with animal skin on both sides gives you sound characteristics commonly referred to as “boomy”, “bassy” – deep on lows and mids. 100% modern sound dhol sound going to be sharp, less bass and more treble. Both types of dhol is what every Indian music producer needs to have on their hard-drive and should cover you for almost all projects.

Now that you have learned the concepts of Modern vs Traditional, it’ll be easy to get the pack you need. Let’s dive in.

Buying Guide: Which Pack Should I Get?

1. Bhangra Beat Vol 1

Uses: Modern sounding Bhangra tracks
Type of Dhol Recorded: 100% Modern

bhangra beat pack by goldenchild audio

The first pack of it’s kind in the world. Crispy, sharp and punchy dance floor shaking dhols are what Bhangra music genres all demand.

This sample pack basically does what it says on the cover, it’s got everything you need to pick out the perfect modern flavored Dhol.

You’ll find kicks for modern sounding Bhangra music. Dhols recorded for this pack was 100% Plastic skin on treble, goat on the daaga.

2. Bhangra Beat Vol 2

Uses: Modern and Traditional Punjabi music
Type of Dhol recorded:
Modern & Traditional

bhangra beat vol2 pack by goldenchild audio

Different projects and genres call for Dhols of all varieties.

Maybe you need something subtle for your jam, or something bouncey for your upcoming track.

That’s why samples packs like BB Vol 2 are so useful—they’re chock full of various sounds that match all kinds of genres. You’re getting a solid product which contains two DIFFERENT dhol sounds. Modern AND Traditional!

3. Bhangra Beat Vol 3

Uses: Modern sounding Bhangra tracks
Type of Dhol Recorded: Modern

Bhangra Beat Vol3 by Goldenchild Audio

The latest pack joins the growing popularity of the Bhangra Beat series.

BBV3 contains 100% Modern sounding dhols. This pack is perfect for anyone who wants their tracks to sound like Diljit Dosanjh and Deep Jandu.

Bhangra Beat Vol 3 contains powerful, easy to use patterns. Just drag and drop into your editor. The sounds are incredible, sharp and fits perfectly with the current Modern sounds in Punjabi music.

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