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Vocal Thickening Technique

Make thick, fatter vocals with this technique if you have only one recorded vocal take.

Take your vocal track and duplicate it 2x.  You should have 3 channels of the same vocal.

To achieve this effect, each vocal channel will be panned differently. Left (L), Center (C), Right (R)

Step 1:
Label each channel as such: Vox (C), Vox (L), Vox (R)

Step 2:
Vox (C): leave centered (untouched)
Vox (L): Pan 100% (hard) left
Vox (R): Pan 100% (hard) right

Step 3:
Adjust levels of Vox (L) and Vox (R) so they are not competing with the main centered vocal.

Step 4: 
EQ each vocal. Cut and boost so the vocals are not fighting for the same frequency.

Step 5:
Hard compress Vox (L) or Vox (R) – your choice. Remember, no hard rules in audio mixing world. 

Step 6:
Add 10-30ms delay on Vox (L) and Vox (R) + Send 20% reverb to either one of these tracks.

Add distortion FX to either Vox (L) or Vox (R) or both.

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