Vengeance Samples Used By Famous EDM Artists

Here’s a list of specific samples/loops from Vengeance packs big EDM producers used in their songs.

Want to know the best part?

This guide provides the filename of the sample/loop matched with the producer. We will continually update this article.


VEH4 Clap 062
VFX2 Impact 24 – Vengeance Essential FX 2
VEH2 Soft Kicks – 023
VEH2 Claps – 152
VEH2 Percussive Loops – 075
VEH1 FX – 83
VTS2 Angel Kit 128BPM Loop 02

Martin Solveig

VEH1 Cutted Sounds – 066 (used in song Hello)

Porter Robinson

VEH3 Percussion 108 – Used in the song Say My Name


VEH4 Philly 1 130BPM Emin
VEC4 Fills 129

Martin Garrix

VDE 128BPM Knight Synths 1
VEC4 Percussions 089


VUF1 140BPM Raiser 40Bars
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 028


VEC3 Percussion 033
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 107
VES1 Synth Cuts 121
VEH3 Percussion 214
VEE2 FX 113
VEC3 Percussion 032, 033

Lady Gaga

VEE Melody Kits 12 128 BPM Root E – Used in the song JUDAS

Nicky Romero

VFH4 128BPM Toxicated Melody 1 F – Used in the song Toulouse

Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo

VVE2 Kit Alex Shouts 06, VVE2 Vocal Loops 128BPM 064 and VVE2 Vocal Shots Shouts 13 – Used in the song Boneless

To better use any samples and loops, check out this handy EDM EQ guide to get your mixes sounding like these pros.

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