brainworx bx cleansweep v2

BEST Free Filter Plugin: Brainworx bx_cleansweep

Filters are an incredibly powerful mixing technique to manipulate sounds, and this production method is found in a huge, diverse range of genres. From indie, to hardcore EDM, to lofi hip hop, filters are used to shape the sonic output within a track.

Simply put: High pass filters is a type of EQ that cut frequencies below a specified cutoff point.

Below is one of the best free filter VST plugins available that will give you professional sounding results without spending a dime.

Brainworx bx_cleansweep V2

This plugin is super smooth, very transparent and easily shapes your sounds (mono) and (stereo) to the perfect position in order to achieve more of a full sound. Almost 3D like. Download bx_cleansweep V2 for free here.

Watch this Video Tutorial

Pro Tip: 
Hi-hats: 600hz
Vocals: 140-220hz
Snares: 200hz
Percussion: 200hz

These are just starting points, adjust accordingly to your project needs.

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