Bhangra Voices

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‘Bhangra Voices’ includes authentic, hard-core Bhangra vocal chants, phrases and backing vocals that you commonly hear in Punjabi music like “hoye hoye”, “buraah” and more!

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‘Bhangra Voices’ by Goldenchild Audio is a unique sound library dedicated to popular vocal phrases heard in Bhangra music performed by master MC, Mandeep of Radio5 Events. Perfect for any genre of music from Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM and more.

This collection reflect the timeless splendor, tradition and unique heritage of Punjab. Each vocal style are sample accurate and ready to be dragged and dropped into your productions. The vocals are dry, meaning no external effects such as delay or reverb were applied during the vocal recording process. 

Vocal Performance Chops: 

This pack contains performance recordings of solo male voices compromising of Bhangra chants, shouts and phrases commonly heard in Punjabi music.

Vocal samples recorded:

  • Hoye
  • Bruaah
  • Ohu-Waahun
  • Hareepa
  • Urban beat boxing
  • Rap/Urban vocal shouts and one liners

This pack includes WET versions with doubling effects for quicker production. If you do not want to use the wet versions, DRY vocals are included to add your own processing.

Product Details:
  • Multi-genre vocal chops
  • 44.1khz/16-Bit
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • WAV

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