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On this page, you will enjoy our largest selection of Indian dholak loops and samples for download in one easy zip file. Each collection delivers samples in the most popular WAV format. We hired only the best professional dholak players which resulted in recording unique dholak rhythms that you will instantly use. These samples are inspired by the latest sounds heard today from your favorite producers. Our dholak loops are FL Studio compatible and can be dragged and dropped within any software of your choice. Each recording process was done through analogue gear which gives you a fat punchy sound. Because of our high end recording process, these loops are ready to use.

folk dholak loops
Type: dholak loops and samples | Genre: Bhangra
Pack Highlights:
Every PanjabiMC track is a banger because he uses hard hitting sounding dholaks. The percussionist behind his dholaks recorded on this one of a kind pack. It brings you powerful dholak loops recorded with high end analogue gear. If you need to fill your track with energetic folk sound, you need download this. We also threw in a bonus folder with stereo versions of each loop.

dholki monster volume 1

Type: dholak loops and samples | Genre: Bhangra & Bollywood
Pack Highlights: an extraordinary compilation of dholak loops inspired by the chart-topping tracks. This set brings you highly professional dholak samples that will help you make your track spring to life. No matter what genre you're producing, this pack covers it all.

dholki monster volume 2
Type: dholak loops and samples | Genre: Bollywood & Bhangra
Pack Highlights: the continuation of a groundbreaking series providing top-notch dholak loops which will make your track complete. This compilation is designed for producers who want to grab audience's attention on the dance floor.

Vintage Bhangra
Type: dholak loops and samples | Genre: Bhangra
Pack Highlights:
The famous Inch by Zora Randhawa loop that everyone wants is in this pack. Inside you can find old school samples suitable for folk bhangra style tracks that's currently topping the charts today.

About the Instrument:

The dholak is mainly a folk instrument, widely used in Bhangra, Quwalli and Kirtan. The smaller end of the dholak is made out of goat skin for sharp notes (think Treble) and the bigger end is made out of buffalo skin for low pitches (think Bass)and is played sitting down with two hands. Check the wiki for in-depth information.

Instant Download

When you buy any of our dholki loops and samples you should be able to download your files right after completing a successful purchase. You should receive a unique user-name, password and file link which is sent via e-mail. The loops and samples that you buy can be downloaded in one easy ZIP file which includes all available formats.